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Any Of These Sound Familiar?

The Embarrassing Hidden Costs of Doing Nothing


Life as a busy executive isn’t easy, and as a leader, you accept most of the challenges that come your way. Unfortunately, you find yourself buried beneath a mountain of important initiatives and you’re not sure where to begin.


No one would know it by the way you carry yourself, but even as a successful executive leader you live with an inner critic. It’s the voice inside your head as you walk into the boardroom that tells you you don’t belong there.

Lack of Success

You feel like you’re doing all the right things, and as a company executive you’ve dutifully prioritized your professional responsibilities, many times to the detriment of other, equally important aspects of your life. Where’s the reward?

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Certified Executive Career and Leadership Coach

Looking For An Executive Sherpa?

I'll Be Your Guide

Sherpas are renowned in the international climbing and mountaineering community for their hardiness, expertise, and experience at very high altitudes.

As your executive Sherpa, I bring intuitive and powerful coaching expertise to this high touch program and help guide you as we ascend to the peak of your leadership goals.

I believe that exceptional leaders are made, not born. For more than thirty years as a human resources leader and leadership coach, I’ve helped guide leaders just like you to identify and overcome the challenges of executive leadership to achieve success on their terms.

If you’re ready to unlock your executive leadership potential you’ve come to the right place.

The Executive Peak Performance (EPP) Coaching Program

Overcome Your Inner Critic. Lead With Confidence. Achieve Personal and Organizational Success.

What would you do with the inner confidence and certainty needed to walk into any board room and “own” it? What goals could you achieve? How might your leadership inspire others to step up with passion and conviction to achieve their objectives and help you drive organizational success? That’s peak performance.

To achieve peak performance, the successful executive must align the three major components of their life; the Ego, the Professional, and the Personal, and it takes a holistic approach to achieve the balance required to fire on all cylinders.

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Three Steps to Peak Performance


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