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My mission is to help you become a more confident leader so you can achieve your personal and executive goals

Leadership has always been my passion.

Throughout my professional life, I’ve sought to identify, define, and apply the principled leadership truths I’ve found to be most effective.

Looking back, it’s obvious my passion for leadership development was forged in fire as a non-commissioned officer in the Marine Corps Reserves. While earning my degree in English Literature at the University of Texas, I was bestowed the nickname “Sergeant Shakespeare” by my platoon of Marine Infantrymen.

The Marine Corps has its own ideas about leadership in the ranks, and I certainly tapped into the rich history and lore of success that comes with an elite fighting force that’s older than our country. I also began to see how things could be done a little differently.

I found that although we wore the same uniform, we were anything but. Each of us came from different backgrounds, with unique stories and motivations as to why we were there. So I looked at the intangibles for motivation for myself and my men and all the while careful to remember that “Privates eat first.” It was my first leadership lesson.

From there, I went on to enjoy senior leadership roles in the semiconductor manufacturing and pharmaceutical research industries. This has given me the chance to hone my leadership skills with diverse groups of exceptional people in a variety of technical, operational, and human resources disciplines. 

Ultimately, I learned that leadership is a “mastery” pursuit. It can’t be learned in books or seminars alone. A leader must be thoughtful, yet decisive in action. They must be transparent, yet buffer their team from some of the harsh realities of the business world that can cause a team to lose focus. And they can’t be afraid of taking some missteps here and there, as I have certainly done. Remember, success is never final, and failure is rarely fatal.

Executive leadership can be lonely, and the options for talking things through with trusted confidantes are limited. I often find myself a discreet partner and sounding board to discuss things that executives either couldn’t or wouldn’t discuss with anyone else.

We talk through issues of overwhelm in a 24/7 global work environment. We meet their tipping points head-on, as these highly successful executives begin to look back on the how’s, why’s, and implications of de-prioritizing their personal lives throughout their careers.

I coach them up on being more confident and decisive and overcoming their fear that something under their control could go horribly wrong. For newly promoted executives (or those considering taking on more responsibility), we navigate “imposter syndrome” when it keeps them from pursuing or embracing the challenge of taking on a new team, line of business, or challenging the way they’ve always done business.

Because I’ve been in and coached executive leaders through similar challenges, we speak the same language.

I’ve found that high-performing leaders are driven to succeed, but something often seems to be holding them back. They have a deep drive for professional success, but what it takes to climb the ladder can appear to conflict with their values, and other important aspects of their lives. Many times they feel they’re merely an observer to events; affected by action rather than consciously driving it.

That last one is important because it can indicate an inner narrative that keeps leaders from going all-in and playing all out. It encourages them to stay uncommitted and safe; just along for the ride. And this feeling of inevitability or perceived lack of control and ownership is what keeps many executives from reaching their leadership potential. This doesn’t have to be you.

Coaching is the solution.

There is a unique satisfaction that comes when we make a mental shift, and throw off the blocks that keep us from living large. With so much potentially at stake for executive-level leadership, it is critical that you, a high-performing leader already, become an absolute force of nature (in a good way).

That’s where my Executive Peak Performance coaching methodology can help.

At some point, all leaders start to think about their legacy; where, and how they leave their mark on the world, and I’m no different. Having dedicated almost thirty years to challenging, and rewarding corporate roles, I decided to fully realize my life’s passion and dedicate the rest of my career and personal legacy to coaching high-performing leaders to reach their own personal and career goals. We work together to develop THEIR personal leadership legacy.

You don’t have to play small any longer.

My coaching style is a powerful combination of the many (and unique combination of) years of leadership and coaching experience in the military, and Fortune 500 organizations. I truly operate within the “sweet spot” of a wide spectrum of leadership experience. I bring a unique and comprehensive approach to help you lead with authenticity, confidence, and decisiveness in all aspects of your life.

Together, we’ll unlock your true leadership potential, and you’ll reach new heights of performance success. As you define it.

If you’re ready to become the executive leader you were meant to be and drive personal and organizational success with confidence and decisiveness, I’d like to invite you to grab one of my complimentary Executive Strategy Sessions. Together we’ll get clear about your leadership goals, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a proven plan to help you actualize true success on your terms.

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Portrait of smiling Brian White in a collared shirt and sweater
Badge for Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index
Badge for Certified Coach Professional of iPEC
Badge for Leadership Dynamics Specialist of iPEC COR.E program
Portrait of smiling Brian White in a collared shirt and sweater

Brian White, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Executive Mindset and Leadership Coach

Brian has dedicated over 35 years of experience to coaching and developing leaders and has coached executives and leaders from Fortune 500 companies which include some of the best-known names in research, manufacturing, and service providers.

Brian completed rigorous training at the world’s leading coaching school iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited institution, which is the gold standard of coaching. This program consists of over 500 hours of study, practice, and mentoring.

Brian is also certified as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, providing one of the premier attitudinal assessments available today, and as a Specialist in the COR.E Leadership Dynamics program, the most comprehensive process for mastery in leadership and life.

As a leader of leaders, he expects and delivers authenticity at all times, and he understands that all leadership is personal. You don’t have to be a “Shakespeare,” but he will challenge you to tell your leadership story in a way that is uniquely you. His commitment to clients is that he will serve them intuitively, and powerfully, and with curiosity at all times.

Using his signature Executive Peak Performance coaching methodology, Brian helps his executive clients dig deep to uncover and align their true motivation, passion, and values, so they can lead with confidence and drive personal and organizational success.