Life Is Nothing But An Obstacle Course

Life is nothing but an obstacle course.

And it’s the actions associated with finding a way through that obstacle course to desired goals that seem to paralyze us.

Hesitation and fear keep us on the sidelines watching others navigate the course, as we watch opportunities for success pass us by.

It’s only normal to encounter obstacles in the pursuit of your goal. In fact, it’s kind of a test to see if you’re worthy. 

However, when you find these obstacles become roadblocks, and you’re having trouble accomplishing any of your goals at all,  it’s time to think things through and take action. 

What to do? 

Think Positive 

Quitting is not an option. To quit is tantamount to going back to the starting line of goal accomplishment. That is time, energy, money, and a whole lot of other things wasted and lost. 

How much more of any of those do you have to waste?

Keep your mind clear, open, and free of fear

Focus and concentrate. Accept new ideas and be open to new options that will help you eliminate the obstacle standing in your way.

The lens with which we see the world is formed through years of experience. Break it.

Persist and Persevere

You may know this as having “grit.” It means exhausting every possibility, even to the point of “failure,” and knowing that eventually, you’ll discover the solution to your problem.

Trust the process and believe that each move you make gets you closer to your goal, even if it doesn’t seem that way.


Visualize the process in your head. See yourself working through it, and finding the solution. What does success look like?

We achieve what we believe, and we believe what we see. See yourself accomplishing your goal.

Ask for help

If you’re having trouble, reach out to a trusted thought partner. Sometimes just the process of talking through the issue with a knowledgeable confidante opens up possibilities that had been undiscovered to this point.

You’re worthy.

Let’s do this together!