The Executive Peak Performance Coaching Methodology

A Unique and Powerful Approach to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

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When You Have To Prove Yourself, To Yourself

Your Inner Critic Has You Playing Small…and That’s Unacceptable

As an executive leader, there’s a lot riding on you, but your lack of confidence in your leadership abilities is limiting how you show up. It’s affecting everything from your relationships with family and colleagues to the risks you’re willing to take on new business opportunities. It’s limiting your potential for personal and professional success..

You doubt your ability to deliver the goods, and this impacts your motivation to take on challenges that would stretch your leadership capabilities. You’re playing it safe.

The Leader’s Journey…

I understand the internal blocks that prevent executive leaders from reaching their leadership potential.

I know the anxiety that develops when they’re the identified “successor,” wondering if they truly have what it takes to rise to the next level. Executive leaders often face the same patterns of hesitation when their decisions come with a cost. They can fall prey to the self-doubts that keep them in constant analysis mode, watching opportunities for new and impactful initiatives slip away.

That’s why I created an executive coaching methodology that allows my clients to replace anxiety with confidence, indecision with certainty, and insecurity with a rock-solid belief in themselves and their abilities, and know that nothing is out of reach.

The Executive Peak Performance VIP coaching methodology is for you if you are a high performing executive leader, and currently experiencing any of the following situations:

  • Feelings of overwhelm in a 24/7 global work environment
  • Need to get energized with an action plan to meet company objectives
  • Wanting to develop your confidence and decisiveness
  • Experiencing a reoccurring and prolonged fear of failure
  • Experiencing feelings of “imposter syndrome”
  • Feeling isolated at the top / no connection or confidante
  • Beginning to regret de-prioritizing your personal life for professional success
  • Keep getting stuck in the executional weeds
  • You’re looking for inspiration/mentorship
  • You’ve been wildly successful and you’re looking for ways to give back
  • Dealing with a personal crisis that is affecting you at home or in the office

Introducing the Executive Peak Performance VIP Coaching Methodology

I call it the “Power of Three.”

There are three main components or realms to our lives: the Personal, the Professional, and the Ego – better known as how we see and act as ourselves.

All three realms are connected and interrelated such that we can’t act on one without influencing or impacting the other in some way. It is only when we are acting authentically in all three, with aligned vision, values, and purpose, that we can truly excel in our lives, and become the vision of leadership we want for ourselves.

The Executive Peak Performance coaching methodology is designed to help you silence your inner critic, and the fear of failure it creates, so you can lead with confidence and drive organizational success. Together, we’ll dive deep and develop all three to create balanced success in all three realms.

The Executive Ego (Self)

Many executive leaders tend to overlook it because they are driven for professional success, but neglecting how you relate to yourself can have serious implications in your personal and professional life. When you define who you are, why you are, and develop your personal VISION of who you can be, you create the framework for success in every aspect of your life.

It is here that negative and self-defeating narratives originate and take hold. If you want to overcome your inner critic and lead more confidently, the work must begin here. It is only through both understanding and letting go of your inner blocks that you can become the best version of yourself.

We’ll dig deep into-
– Your “Level Up Leadership” assessment and debrief
– The 7 levels of energy and how they affect your leadership
– Breaking through internal blocks to high-conscious thinking
– Shifting thinking, emotions, and actions to serve you more powerfully
– How to master self-leadership
– Learning how to shift people, place, and things in your life to create a supportive environment
– Identifying your true purpose in life

The Personal Executive

The personal component of your life has a strong relationship to the Ego. And similar to that component, executive leaders have a tendency to de-prioritize personal aspects of their lives in favor of actions that generate success in terms of professional accomplishment.

This is unfortunate, as there comes a point in life when you look back and assess yourself in terms of the relationships you undervalued or ignored for career needs. When you are aligned internally, you see its positive influence in everything from the quality and depth of your personal and professional relationships, to how you prioritize your own health and well-being.

It stands as the foundation for how you show up as a parent, partner, leader, and so much more. It’s within the personal realm that you align and act on your VALUES, and it authors your legacy.

We’ll explore-
– The 5 step process for success in any aspect of your life
– How to create true happiness
– Proven methods for dealing with conflict wherever it finds you
– Creating a lasting relationship with your health
– The tips you need to achieve personal wisdom
– Unlocking the secrets of abundance
– Identifying your values and how to align them for a balanced, authentic life

The Professional Executive

Aligning your personal VISION and VALUES allows you to excel in your professional life. It fuels your work ethic, career energy levels, focus, productivity, and how you show up as a leader each day. Authentic leadership is only possible when you know who you are, why you are, and invest in yourself and others accordingly.

Strictly speaking, you need a plan to anticipate and respond to the various influencers that can affect your professional leadership. And how you approach topics like communication, goal-setting, and executive presence, among others, has a significant impact on your professional potential.

Like the other two, The Professional realm is not to be neglected, as it provides you an avenue for making a powerful mark in the world. The Professional realm influences your level of impact, your PURPOSE, and professional legacy.

We’ll dive into-
– Your personal energy leadership development system
– Your strengths and opportunities as identified in your personal leadership assessment
– Goal setting and how to move from a performance perspective to one of mastery
– The proprietary COR.E influencers and their impact on your leadership energy
– Using the COR.E disciplines to create powerful and authentic leadership
– Identifying purpose and mission to create a lasting professional legacy
– A personal leadership development plan designed to put you on the path to peak performance

Imagine Your Leadership At Peak Performance

You wake up every morning with the energy and passion to meet the challenges that executive-level leadership has to offer. Laser-focused on the opportunities in front of you, you’re confident and decisive in leadership, unafraid to make the difficult decisions necessary to push your organization forward.

Your relationships with colleagues are thriving. Enjoying a renewed sense of camaraderie and trust, collaboration is taking the team to reach new heights of performance. As a leader, you relate and are relatable, which allows your team to operate as a cohesive unit. Responding enthusiastically to your inclusive and empowering leadership style, they’re inspired to embrace their own leadership responsibilities, keeping you (mostly) out of the tactical weeds.

Having shaken off your inner critic, you’re confident and have begun exploring the boundaries of your personal and professional leadership capabilities. You enjoy pushing your limits with confidence and vigor. You’ve set yourself on a path to mastery in the important aspects of your life. And friends, family, and colleagues marvel at what you accomplish.

You’re careful not to neglect the important things in life, and you feed your body, mind, and soul equally. You are truly a well-rounded leader and an example for those you coach and mentor, both within and external to your organization.

You are sought after for collaborative initiatives at work and in your community, and you have your choice of initiatives that are personally and professionally rewarding.

Where once there was anxiety, now confidence. Indecision has been replaced by certainty. Insecurity has transformed into rock-solid belief.

You are truly playing large, my friend!

Overcome Your Inner Critic

Overcome your harshest critic (you). That internal critic was holding you back. It was keeping you safe by encouraging you to play small. Now you’re comfortable weighing calculated risks when a major business expansion is needed. You bring the goods…

Lead With Confidence

Imagine what you will accomplish as a confident leader, with the ability to inspire that confidence in others with your executive presence. Imagine your leadership brand as the firm, calm, and knowledgeable executive poised for greater responsibility.

Drive Organizational Success

There’s a lot riding on your leadership. You now deliver the type of leadership and expertise required to focus the organization and deliver results to key stakeholders. When the organization faces a major challenge or sees opportunity they come to you.

Your Journey To Confident and Decisive Leadership Begins Now

This is where your journey begins.

I serve my clients powerfully, with passion, and apply everything my experience has to offer. Acting as your executive leadership sherpa, together we’ll climb to the peak of your leadership performance and get laser-focused on the results you’re looking for.

Your first step in exploring the opportunity to partner with me is to fill out the discovery call application so I can learn more about your needs and how I can best support you. I need to know how high you’re willing to go, and whether or not you have the motivation and grit to make it to the top.

The Executive Peak Performance (EPP) coaching methodology is my signature VIP package and is customized for you based on where you currently are in achieving your goals. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program but instead is very high touch. As a result, my clients see amazing results.

*In order to provide my clients a high degree of attention and customized coaching, I can only serve a limited number of clients in my EPP VIP program.

The purpose of the discovery call is so I can take a deeper dive into understanding your needs, allow you time to ask questions, and discuss a strategy to get you where you want to be. Once I assess what you’re looking for, if I think I can help you we’ll discuss partnership opportunities.

Looking forward to connecting!
-Coach (Sherpa) Brian

Portrait of smiling Brian White in a collared shirt and sweater

Brian White, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Executive Mindset and Leadership Coach

Brian has dedicated over 35 years of experience to coaching and developing leaders and has coached executives and leaders from Fortune 500 companies which include some of the best-known names in research, manufacturing, and service providers.

Brian completed rigorous training at the world’s leading coaching school iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited institution, which is the gold standard of coaching. This program consists of over 500 hours of study, practice, and mentoring.

Brian is also certified as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, providing one of the premier attitudinal assessments available today, and as a Specialist in the COR.E Leadership Dynamics program, the most comprehensive process for mastery in leadership and life.

As a leader of leaders, he expects and delivers authenticity at all times, and he understands that all leadership is personal. You don’t have to be a “Shakespeare,” but he will challenge you to tell your leadership story in a way that is uniquely you. His commitment to clients is that he will serve them intuitively, and powerfully, and with curiosity at all times.

Using his signature Executive Peak Performance coaching methodology, Brian helps his executive clients dig deep to uncover and align their true motivation, passion, and values, so they can lead with confidence and drive personal and organizational success.